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We’re coders at heart. We can really dig in and get Google to love you. Some would say we turn programming into an art form.

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SEO for Condos

The real estate market has changed a lot with the advent of the internet. For both sellers and buyers, it’s never been easier to put people in touch with the right buyer or moving into that perfect home. When you are looking to sell a condominium, especially in a high-end or competitive market, you need to be smart to set yourself apart from the competition. Becoming internet-savvy and letting online marketing work for you will decrease the time that your units are sitting empty, and get you right in front of great prospective buyers. If you haven’t SEO-optimized your real

SEO for Condos | Florida SEO Specialists | Fort Lauderdale SEO

How to clear the Drupal cache using an SQL Query

Drupal is great, Drupal is good, but Drupal can cause headaches, don’t you agree? Depending on your version, you can come into an issue where you can’t load up your website after importing your database.

How to clear the Drupal cache using an SQL query | Florida Drupal Development

What are SEO Backlinks? How are they important?

For any small business, backlinks are a vital component of Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are links that are found in other websites pointing to your own. When search engines find these links from a trustworthy site linking to your site they gain confidence in your page. In order to help your page rise in search engine results you will need to start linking your site to more authoritative and trusted sites. You will also need to have backlinks with more relevant context to your pages content.

Quality Matters

Quality of backlinks counts more than quantity of backlinks. For example

SEO Backlinks Florida SEO | Fort Lauderdale SEO Services

What Does RankBrain Mean for Content Marketing?

The purpose of a Google search is to find information about a specific topic. When you type “Chicago parking garages” into the search engine, you want to get a list of Chicago parking garages. Google uses algorithms to search through the trillions of web pages to find matches to your search. You want a list of relevant links, and Google wants to provide relevant links. One algorithm used by Google to make sure links are relevant is RankBrain. In order to make sure RankBrain ranks your website for relevant searches, it is important to provide meaningful

What is RankBrain? Fort Lauderdale SEO.

Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

Google creates business pages for known local businesses in Google My Business. If your business isn’t showing up in local searches, then you may need to update your information on Google My Business. Recently, Google came out with information about how they rank businesses for local searches, and ways to improve your chances that your business will rank in that search. They identifies 5 Key Tasks that every business should complete to improve their rankings. Keep reading to learn more about what your company can do to rank higher on local business searches.

5 Key Tasks

1) Enter complete data about

Google My Business - How to Rank Better | Fort Lauderdale SEO Company
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